Ways to Give


Gifts of Assets

Gifts of assets to support United Methodist ministries generally take the form of unrestricted gifts, restricted gifts, or donor advised funds. They may take the form of gifts designated to support an immediate need or gifts to provide ongoing permanent support.


A donor restricted gift is a gift of assets made to the Foundation or another qualified United Methodist entity along with specific instruction as to how the fund should be distributed to a beneficiary or beneficiaries. Such gifts can be used to create a permanent endowment fund with the goal of providing perpetual support for the ministry or ministries you are most passionate about. We provide assistance to help you establish a fund that will ensure your intentions are respected, both now and in the future.


Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

A Donor Advised Fund is a charitable giving tool which allows an individual or family to make a gift to establish a fund with a public charity and then continue to be involved in the administration of the fund by recommending charitable distributions to additional recipients over time.



Bequests (gifts made through your will) can take many forms and can be clearly and legally defined to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled in exactly the way you desire. Our staff can help you to determine whether a bequest will meet your charitable giving objectives and can provide helpful information to your attorney as your estate plan is being prepared.


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