A Message from the Executive Director


Greetings In the Name of Jesus!

Like you, I have been rattled by the images of carnage and suffering in Ukraine. My heart weeps for the absence of peace that is a reality for so many. I do not need to add words to the cacophony of talking heads that dance across our news and media outlets, but I do want you to know that the Foundation has joined in praying for peace and for the people of Ukraine. In addition to praying, at its meeting on February 28th the Board of Directors approved a distribution from the Ministry Opportunity Fund in the amount of $25,000.00 which has been sent to UMCOR for humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

As you know, the Foundation invests church and agency assets that provide income for ministry and mission. Nearly $8 million will be distributed to churches and agencies for mission and ministry in 2022 alone. Because of the mission and ministry that is done by churches and agencies from the distributed income, it is worth noting geo-political events can and do impact markets and, in turn, asset values. Unfortunately, geo-political events that impact the markets are not new. Attached is a document produced by Bank of America that shows past impacts to the market from various geo-political events.

The Foundation’s Core Balanced Fund distributes income based on a total return approach using a twelve-quarter rolling average. As a result, distributions are less impacted by highs and lows of market volatility. In short, the distribution is based on twelve quarters of past performance to smooth out the highs and lows for more consistent distributions.

As we continue to pray for peace and for the people of Ukraine, we will continue to serve you as a trusted partner and fiduciary in the support of mission and ministry.
Grace, Hope, and Joy!
Ed Bailey, Executive Director

Attachment: Bank of America Investment Insights, March 2022