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The United Methodist Foundation of Western Pennsylvania offers personalized consultation services to individuals hoping to enhance the current or future ministry of their church or another United Methodist cause through planned giving. Individual gift planning consultations focus on providing the individual with information on the various options available when it comes to planned giving in a zero pressure environment with a Foundation staff member familiar with the structure and traditions of the United Methodist Church.


How We Can Help 


We are here to help by listening to your current and future needs and desires, assisting you in identifying your charitable objectives, providing information concerning United Methodist ministries that meet them, and offering suggestions for a variety of methods and gift vehicles to support your chosen charitable ministries. We cannot take the place of legal and financial professionals when it comes to making determinations in regard to legal matters or questions of taxation.


In providing gift-planning services for individuals, the Foundation is helping United Methodists answer God’s call to total, intentional, and responsible stewardship. We are your partners in mission – managing and multiplying the talents we have all been given, so that they may be returned to God for use in furthering the Kingdom.


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