Grant Guidelines

(updated 9.24.19)




  • • The Foundation reserves the right to reject in whole or in part any grant application that it deems to be incomplete or not in accord with its policies

    • Your completed Grant Application Form must be received by the Foundation by the established deadline

    • The decision of the Board of Directors of the Foundation regarding all awards shall be final

    • Applications that are rejected may be re-submitted in a subsequent year after they have been re-written to comply with the guidelines


    Purpose of those seeking grants shall qualify for consideration by:


  • • Being a United Methodist church or an organization that is related to the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church

    • Seeking funding for activities that are in keeping with the mission and ministry of the organization seeking the grant


    Priority for grant awards shall be given to projects that:


    • • Are intended to enhance a ministry that is consistent with the United Methodist Foundation’s mission to complement and reinforce the stewardship ministry of the churches, organizations, and programs of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference

                 • Are deemed to be of an outreach nature to the larger community

                 • Are collaborative with other United Methodist entities

                 • Have identified matching sources of revenue

                 • Are an integral part of a long-range plan for ministry in the community

      • Are for program-related equipment (including computers and IT equipment) that can be used directly for program related activities as opposed to administrative functions


      Causes for Exclusion:


    • • Cases in which the applicant has full funding available for the project or activity from another source (it is positive to demonstrate contributions or matching funding)

                 • Projects or activities that have no mechanism for evaluation in place

      • Cases for which there is no evidence that the governing body of the organization endorses the project or activity

      • Generally, capital items or building improvements will not be funded


      Grant amounts and terms:


    • • Grants may be renewable depending on funding sources and quality and scope of the project

      • Grants may be made conditional upon certain requirements being met and documented to the Foundation’s satisfaction and all awardees shall report annual progress to the Foundation


If you have any questions regarding the guidelines for the UM Foundation of Western PA's Grant Program, please contact us