Communicating with Donors

Every donor needs to have three questions answered to in order to understand a request for giving.


  1. What do you want me to do?

  2. The more specific you can be in answering this question, and the more personal you can make the request, the more receptive donors will be to the possibility of giving. Listen to your donors. If you happen to know that there is an opportunity to fund a ministry that has a special place in a donor's heart reach out to that person, express your knowledge of his or her passion for ministry and share the opportunity for giving. 

  4. What will happen if I do what you want?


  6. Having a balanced budget is not a reason people decide to give. Feeding the homeless or sending youth to a Christian camp for a week, those are causes that a donor experiences an emotional connection to. 

  8. How will I know my gift has made a difference?

  10. Take the time to directly inform the donor that their gift made a difference. “We were able to send 12 kids to camp and here is a thank you letter from one of them!” exemplifies specifically that the donor’s response mattered.


And don't forget...



Say Thank you!


Recognize the sacrifice that your donors have made - whether it is their time, talents, or resources. Thank them personally for their generosity. 


To learn more about communicating with donors, contact us at the office. 





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