Pastors' Leadership Academy for Stewardship Formation 

This multi-year Academy is designed to provide a small group of clergy with the opportunity to complete an in-depth exploration of the meaning of stewardship. Upon completion of this program, clergy will:

  •      - Be equipped to share understanding of the theological basis of stewardship and               how it fits in to an individual's relationship with God.
  •      - Understand patterns of stewardship among congregations and the role of the pastor         in creating these patterns. 
  •      - Identify opportunities for pastoral leadership in the area of financial stewardship. 
  •      - Recognize the status of the church as a non-profit organization and what this means         to the future of ministry. 
  •      - Demonstrate new leadership skills with application inside and outside of the                       sanctuary. 
  •      - Enjoy a strengthened relationship with colleagues and new opportunities for                       professional collaboration. 

The Pastors' Leadership Academy includes six sessions held at a variety of locations throughout our Conference to make it possible for clergy from different regions to come together for this opportunity. In the past participants have traveled to Olmsted Manor Retreat Center, Jumonville Christian Camp, the United Methodist Center, the Foundation office, and the Lakeside Chautauqua Institute. Lodging and meals are provided. Gatherings will include two overnight sessions, three two day sessions, and one three day gathering. In addition to these sessions, we ask that each participant engage in independent study and reflection on various related topics.

The majority of the costs associated with this program are covered by the Foundation. We ask each participant to contribute $250 per year to cover materials and assist with out of pocket costs. This program may qualify for continuing education funds and a limited number of scholarships are available through the Foundation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pastors' Leadership Academy for Stewardship Formation email Rev. Dr. Joseph Patterson, Dean of the Foundation School of Leadership,  or call our office and ask for Joe. 

Laity Leadership Academy 

The Laity Leadership Academy is a initiative intended to provide the same caliber of opportunity as the Pastors' Leadership Academy to laity in western Pennsylvania. The Laity Academy will follow a similar model to that of the Pastor's Academy. 

The goal of the laity leadership academy is to empower lay leaders within our Conference to respond as disciples of Jesus Christ in promoting the tenants of good stewardship and helping to build a strong foundation for ministry in their communities. Focus will be placed upon the theological basis and application of models of Christian Stewardship as it relates to church financial planning and leadership, generational differences within congregations, and other relevant topics.

If you are interested in learning more about the Laity Leadership Academy, email Rev. Dr. Joseph Patterson, Dean of the Foundation School of Leadership,  or call our office and ask for Joe.

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